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Calculation of body mass index (BMI)

You’ve gained weight, or you are too skinny … This is a trial, often a matter of fashion, or evaluation staff to its looks.

The BMI is the most reliable (formula defined by the World Health Organization), it is the result of calculating your weight and height, and will give you the possible risks to your health if overweight.

The look is important, health is more.

So you know if dieting is required.

The risks are significant if an increase in BMI of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes. It is therefore important to consult a doctor for a checkup. Losing weight helps to improve your overall health.

* Please note that BMI does not apply to children and adolescents under 18, pregnant women, athletes and people prone to edema.

Come regularly calculate your BMI to see where you are.


Your height (in centimeters)
Your weight (kg)

A classification of overweight and obesity in adults has been established by WHO (World Health Organization) according to BMI :






< 18,5 



18,50 – 24,9


25 – 29,9 

Moderately increased


 > 30

Markedly increased

To maintain a normal body mass index – from 18.5 to 24.9 – it is important to monitor your diet (see our tips for a balanced diet).
Waist circumference is an indicative measurement to ascertain the risks of cardiovascular disease contracted or diabetes.

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