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Chitosan weight loss properties

Chitosan has a similarity to the lipids (fats), they attract as a magnet and is linked with its fat, chitosan and can trap up to 15 times its weight in fat. From its composition made of chitosan can not be assimilated by our body, hence the fat will not be caught absorbed by your body and be eliminated by natural means.

By its action to remove lipids directly ingested, chitosan will force your body to tap into those fat reserves, which are usually stored on the belly and hips, so a fat loss will follow.

The authors of a systematic review, between 1995 and 2004 showed that out of 14 studies conducted by scientists, have focused on chitosan was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of this element associated with a balanced diet, and on the peak of a significant weight loss.

Moreover, the chitosan may capture and other solid bodies newly ingested, such as sugars and carbohydrates, which they can subsequently be converted to fat deposits, and chitosan, after having absorbed the eliminate without having digested a natural way as easily as fat.

A Finnish study showed that individuals who were administered chitosan lost eight per cent of their weight during four weeks.

Chitosan fiber thanks to its polyglucosamine, ownership of inflated with water, and so give the effect of satiety, which will help you avoid damaging small snacks to your search slimming.

Chitosan is an effective complement the excellence in your search for weight loss and that is why we have associated Chitopal ®, the natural complement, without chemical additives and fat burner.

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