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Consumers want to know where the food they buy. To meet this demand and return the “history” of a supplement. He was put in place procedures for traceability.

According to ISO 8402, traceability is defined as “the ability to trace the history, application or location of an entity (eg plant, animal, food) by means of recorded identifications “.

Traceability allows to monitor the movement of commodities and the changes they have undergone, from the point of departure to point of sale.

The Chitopal, whose main ingredients are chitosan nopal and have monitored and strict quality control and a comprehensive traceability system that allows us to verify the farmer to finished product. Certificates of analysis are established to complete each of our products with the essential characteristics of our ingredients.

  • Chitopal (chitosan – nopal) is guaranteed GMO free.
  • Chitopal (chitosan – cactus) contains no allergens listed by the European Directives.
  • The nopal is guaranteed without side effects.
  • Chitosan is guaranteed no side effects, except in cases of allergy to shellfish, pregnant or lactating.
  • Chitopal (chitosan – cactus) conforms to current European standards.
  • Chitopal (chitosan – nopal) does not contain allergens, pesticides, heavy metals.
  • The nopal is certified by (cholesterol control and prevention of some diseases such as diabetes and obesity) (HOLLINGSWORTH, 1996; GRIJSPAARDT-Vink, 1996; SLOAN, 1994)

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