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Nopal cactus of Mexico

Nopal : description

The nopal cactus is a very current in Mexico, he has such a big part of their culture that is represented on their flag.

Studies on the nopal have updated the fruit and snowshoes nopal were a valuable source of functional compounds. Among these compounds there are a good source of fiber, essential to health and diet, and hydrocolloids (biofilm), it is because of mucilage that gives an immediate effect satietogenic (appetite suppressant and anti-erosion) and minerals.

In fact, the nopal is very rich in fiber (50%) and in amino acid (17 including 8 essential) and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3. All these compounds are essential in the context of a slimming diet. Prickly pear is excellent for health, there is no indication that cons-100% plant food (Saenz, 2006). Thus the nopal is the essential weight loss supplement to boost your search for slimming and wellness.

Finally, the chitosan and the nopal are the two most successful components of chitopal ®, which allow you to lose your extra pounds, regain the weight that suits you all with a balanced diet.

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